One minute confessions

An other Story…

I opened my eyes… and I caught my self in an empty room with lots of doors… all they closed… and no windows.

The ceiling is a rustic treated with two bulbs. I try to find where to light them on, but there’s not. Three feet high, of one of the walls, the one in front of me is full of messages I can’t really understand, a pen in still there… just down the prescript.

Is this sort of a disease I have in my mind? – I’m still trying to understand how I got into this room and what the purpose of this is… but in the middle of all my thinking, I realize I haven’t move a bit.

I don’t feel any pain… but I haven’t look at my self. I seem to be sitting in the floor, with my back in one of the walls; my head is straight, my arms quiet down… and my legs… I’m not sure, I can’t have a panoramic view around, but they seem to be still there.

I command my body to react, but it’s impossible, it just doesn’t move, what makes me get a little nervous… I try to calm down again so I can join all my senses together and find the way out of this confusing jail…

Am I supposed to learn something so all this gets over? But there’s not even a clue so I can discover what the purpose of this entire thing is. Oh, I can now remember the last thing happened to me… I can’t be certainly sure this happened just before I got here, but is the last thing I can remember…

I was leaving from my job… it was sunny and my car was gone.

Suddenly I felt lots of feeling I can’t pronounce… I started screaming to all the security staff of why they didn’t have a real job… a real idea of the value of things; one of them, a short guy with tiny mouth and glasses got very nervous.

I knew it – I screamed

And then I punched him into his into his face… at the time he fell down against his back next to the parking… I waved my hand… and left.

Oh my God, is this any kind of kidnap or something like that?

I tried to scream, to say something at least but my mouth doest answer to my commands… so I quit…

And all I wonder is if quitting I’ll get alive again someday, I wonder what is so wrong with me… that I’m still living… in a dead body, that lies in an empty room, and doesn’t move at all.


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