random thoughts

October 10th, 2006 / 18:02

Every body runs against me… or I walk against every one, I’m not certainly sure… but I keep on my way.

I watch around, everything is closed, I’m not sure if is a holiday or not… the few people in the houses around watch from the windows the world outside, as if is restricted to go out, or they just… all of them enjoy the view…

I’m still walking… and there’s already no one forward the street… or backward, everyone has gone… and all the people before walking against my route has finally arrive to their destiny… no one stayed.

A building – I think… touching with my hands the tricks of the walls of its construction of this huge building that ends with the street… and there’s no more route to take… just back the way.

 Is anything happening today and I’m the only one didn’t read the news? How long could I’ve been out of my self for not realizing what’s going on? – I keep without an idea about what’s happening… and all I know is that now I want to get home… but I don’t remember how to…

That’s when I realized… something was not going well about my self.


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