One minute confessions

Back to reality

My world fell down in front of my eyes, and I couldn’t do nothing to avoid such a destruction, My world died and… before I could even notice it… I was also gone.


My dreams died with it, my purpose of living… My arguments and my expectations… my complete world fell right against my feet… preventing me to make another step… binding me to remain still.


And when my world just died in front of me… I died also… letting die my try to make things happen, letting die my wish to do things better.

I died with my complete world of ideas, of laughs, and drawings, and there was nothing around to keep it alive…. I tried it all, love stories and tales, I lost my alleviation, my escape from reality… I got into desperation, into the shadows of my fears, and my world just died, as human beings do, as temptation of quitting succeed.


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