random thoughts

I have changed

Everybody changes, i know… everybody suffers, has professional challenges and personal stumbles… and this makes people dose their intensity that usually is part of growing and immaturity.

is just that while growing, some people lose something, they lose this self-reflect of self security, people lose their pitch when trying to adapt their lives to a new life style, relationship or work big changes.


And this is really yelling at the fact… WHY do people lose their pitch?!!!!!

Why human cannot afford such changes keeping what they made by them selves?!!!

However, if you are lucky enough to know your self really good and detailed, perhaps there’s a solution. I’ve heard a thousand times essence cannot be changed.

People changes their habits. And people do, because when they meet a partner, art of adapting their life style includes to modify (repress, change, stop) the things they used to do before that happened.

It makes some logic, but is still stupid.

Now i understand why when a person brakes up a relationship is so hard for majority to go back to themselves, to what they really are, and they need some time-up in this reach, where they at some point get back to their essence.

I don’t want that, even if my life doesn’t dramatically changes, i don’t want to lose what I’ve been… So far!


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