random thoughts


I have so much to say, i feel like i have had too much to say since the last time i stopped writing, perhaps that’s the reason why all this things got stuck inside me, making a huge tornado where words are so many that are not enough precise to describe it.

It happens like that since i can remember, or since i started writing regarding random stuffs, my perception on people that i don’t even know, but that made me feel when we crossed our eyes thay also had so much to say.

It happened also when i was alone, feeling i have something to give to someone else by telling them is not weird to feel lonely, it’s not being “needy” to want to talk to other person and share ideas… its completely ok.

If somebody says you have a problem because you want to share too much, just let them walk away, you don’t need them.

Also, it might happen to you that you really have no one to talk to, maybe because no one wants to really listen, or because you live alone and are alone most of the day (which i will write about in another note)… then my only advice, for you not drowning in ideas..


Writing has a freeing feeling, it lets you organize your ideas, it lets you communicate to a wider audience, even if you dont recognize (or see) any likes and comments… your writing remains there.

Considering that, always remember to be careful with things you write. My mother used to tell me: say whatever you want, but be careful on what you put in black and white, that remains.

And if as a consequence of writing you can help more people in increasing their self esteem, etc… great and lot better, it will return to you as a prize!

Be my guest, Write also!


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