Someone else's shoes

Don’t try to convince me!

Don’t do.

Don’t try to even tell me its how it is.

I don’t believe you… i wont believe such banality from you.

How is it possible that you want to convince me, pulling apart my convictions, my values, my vision? Why?

Don’t try to convince me, so i can live in a tale where nothing ever happens.

Don’t do.

Misery would be, if i ever get to accept what you want me to.

Don’t even explain me the thousand reasons why i should believe you. Don’t try to convince me that it’s what it is.

I can’t be such an idiot…

And i am not calling you an idiot per se… but i will not be.

Don’t do.

Don’t tell me it is how it goes, and i have to accept it.

I don’t want to… I won’t do.

If i ever get to believe you, if i ever get to accept that it is my destiny…

I’d rather be dead like the fallen leaves, following the wind wherever it takes’em.

If i ever accept that there’s nothing stronger in me…

I’d rather be you.


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