Barely there


I really like this word, not for its grammatical shape, but for its huge meaning and depth.

Resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity.

In human beings, resilience can be a considerably huge quality. Humans are by nature reluctant to change. And change is a fact. That’s why usually people get depressed, oppressed and all the feeling related to feeling stock in a life stage.

Everybody can be resilient, as we can when the seeds have been washed away by the winds, they can still hold on and resiliently, grow up in other lands…

But human beings, no, human beings are not always resilient. Many of man kind fall into pieces and never find a way back to greatness, to survival from within.


That’s why this ability, to remain, to change, to transform the inner self and relive in a different environment is such a great aptitude, and so rarely found!