Confessions of an ordinary day

What i think BIG is

Everybody is looking for fake idols so they can have a point-to-something that inspires them to get off of their comfort zone, push them pursue everything they are afraid of, and move forward.

Very little people achieve this… because this fake-BIG-people who everybody is willing to admire, are just people… people with money, people with success, people who is also afraid of many things they just don’t let the world get to know it.

BIG for me is every time i am able to let go of the things that pull me down. I don’t need to admire people –though there’s a lot of people i do admire– to achieve the things i’m pursuing… that’s what a mean.

I think, BIG is being able to exchange ideas even if NO ONE agrees with you… and don’t feel bad about it. That’s big, because you are just not looking to validate your thoughts with people around you and still you can enjoy discussing with others their unrelated perspective –sometimes– regarding the things you do and no body should care, because you are not hurting anyone with them.