One minute confessions

It felt like…

It felt like Christmas, when everybody around the planet is uploading pictures with their families, with Christmas pajamas, with fake smiles of a perfect life no one seems to get. It felt like a happy world around, while many others, minorities lets say… struggle.

I don’t feel i’m supposed to smile because its Christmas. i like to disengage my face in every environment i’m involve by smiling at the roughs. I don’t think happiness is an emotion. It is, indeed, an emotion you can feel in certain moments or events, but overall, i think happiness must be a state. A permanent condition in which you just remain, even when a circumstances or conditions can make you feel sad, upset or just don’t feeling like talking to anyone (those are my best moments), but a permanent per-se in which you just cohabit with the rest of the existence.

It might seem a little bit awkward, but it’s as real as the fact that the planet is not flat.