Someone else's shoes

Being seen, being heard!

A human being basic need. 

So many of us enter the path of this constant need of being seen and heard. Discovering this makes Social Networks find a whole new meaning and a question; What for?

What is it that is so important for you yo be seen and heard?

Are you taking accountability on your words?

Indeed, so often and without even perceiving it, we all need it, we all pursue it and at some moments in our lives, we all thrive for it.

I know! My self never really noticed until this very same blog proves it!

And then so many other questions, unanswered, come to my mind. Am I then, giving the chance to the people around me to be seen and heard? Or, as I suspect, we are all battling for our single and selfish right ignoring it’s also our role to see and hear others?

Please, tell me I’m wrong… because, in the deepest side of my whole, i sense I’m not.


And so on… !