Confessions of an ordinary day

What time does

When time passes by. It does not fly. Thats for other kind of purposes. The one where a person is in an inert state and where present has little or no value.

But when time passes by. When everyday matters but they pass. What does it do?

Time shape things, emotions, coexistence with the past without batting it, cohabiting with future as in acknowledging it. Time recreate habits.

And time is not a healing formula. Time gives us the space to heal ourselves. And time is not a memory gadget. It allows us to chose what to keep and let go.

Time shapes better, sharpens our sight. Gives us permission to remake. To consolidate. To build.

What time does, for us, with no rules or standards, with no judgement or expectations, with no mandatory neccesity, time teaches us patience, and courage, and awareness, because time passes by. And when time passes by and you caught yourself in the same stage you’ve been since some time ago, now, time, and yourself, never happened.

Take time to exist, take time to create, to fold and unfold. Take time to be, and continue to build yourself up, until you reach a new stage. And start over.

What time does, when nothing happens, when nothing changes, when nothing challenges you, what time does, does not.