I am Marcelle, born and living in Dominican Republic.

I was born in 1985, as a twin (Yayyyyy) and been quite a creature ever since!

I am mentally hyperactive, even if my body remains still, i drink a lot of coffee (including one to go to sleep) and love interesting discussions even when we can’t agree! I LOVE GREEN 💚 and can’t get enough of it! I am quite extrovert but with a very insightful way of being when out of my comfort zone (where i continue to push myself just because it’s fun).

I Love sunsets, I love writing, science, psychology and human behavior. I love colors, landscapes, pictures, messy hair, pro hair (totally pro-beards) and hate makeup.
I love boots, jeans, Harley Davidson, dogs, reading, and what else!?

I am a trigger machine, and can take people’s anxiety to clinical levels !

Well… pretty much my self! If you talk to me, you will get it in 5 minutes. No masks, no political correctness gradients, no hormonal influenced and basically the same tornado-like full of energy 24/7.

I love Rock, it makes me happy!
I am reckless (as in audacious) and stubborn (as in shockproof) that can’t keep it to myself! I am full of fire, of present, of now, and I totally love that!

I AM VAIN, SARCASTIC AND WILL NEVER FIT – which i totally want to remain as so.

Love, peace and some herbs (Please!!!) !!!