Confessions of an ordinary day, Someone else's shoes

Pender de un hilo

No me puede pender, la vida, de un hilo siempre. No puede estar siempre al borde o al limite o, al más mínimo paso en falso, borde del risco. No puede. Objeto todas las razones. No puede siempre pender de la cuerda, sí, de la cuerda floja. Me predispone la idea siquiera. Si pende de… Continue reading Pender de un hilo

Confessions of an ordinary day

What time does

When time passes by. It does not fly. Thats for other kind of purposes. The one where a person is in an inert state and where present has little or no value. But when time passes by. When everyday matters but they pass. What does it do? Time shape things, emotions, coexistence with the past… Continue reading What time does